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Christopher Robin is a Specialty Espresso Bar located on a peninsular of sydney called Mortlake. Come grab a coffee and have a walk around Breakfast Point or have a ride of the Mortlake Ferry!

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Specialty Coffee

We Believe that the perfect cup of coffee starts with having the best beans. We believe we have found these. Our Job is simple!! Make few mistakes as possible in brewing these perfect roasted beans. This is why we weigh, time, measure and repeat.

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Welcome to Christopher Robin!

Here’s a quick rundown of our nifty operation.

We opened in 2015 in Mortlake. We are forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, measuring, calibrating, tweaking & tasting. For all our joking-around, we take our coffee damn seriously.

We’re not saints but we try to source ethically & environmentally sound beans, products & produce.

Finally, we have a rocking team of people with a love of their craft, a palate for quality & a penchant for fun. Our door is always open to coffee crazed passionate people, great beans & new ideas. (Even if they are inclined to spin a few people out.)

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