What are we grinding in November?

What are we grinding in November?

What are we grinding in November?

House Blend – Milk based coffee: 

Edelweiss: Our house blend never changes. Its the same day in day out!! (This is how good we think it is)


Up front Edelweiss Vol.2 is rich, dark plum and golden syrup with a coating mouthfeel. When combined with milk it has notes of butterscotch, caramel and condensed milk. Overflowing with sweetness, this is the very definition of delicious!
IN THE CUP: Dark plum, golden syrup, butterscotch, condensed milk.

Single Origin: El Salvador Kilimanjaro | Natural

El Salvador Kilimanjaro | Natural


On top of having such excellence in every steps in harvesting, picking and processing, which produces such great coffee, Aida is also known for her innovation to explore different “processing methods” with the coffee cherries harvested from the same farm, which produces different flavour profiles and flavour experience in the cup.

But when it comes to the simplicity of a Natural like this one nothing beats it. One of our favourite coffees of last year and more than reason why we had to get it back again!

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