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The Trinity ONE – Black Edition

The Trinity ONE is an award-winning design. This high-quality coffee brewer is an all-in-one appliance for specialty coffee, combining press, drip, and immersion brewing techniques. The Trinity ONE reduces the need for multiple brewing tools and reduces bench top clutter.

The Trinity ONE is the only coffee maker to include a weighted press cylinder, which is used to press your coffee using gravity. This design increases consistency and repeatable results.

New Features:

The Trinity ONE Black has a few new features compared to the Trinity ONE Walnut. The first feature is its simplified ball valve design, which makes it easier to set the drip rate and stop the flow of coffee, simply by turning the portafilter handle.

The second is the appearance. The brew stand of the Black edition is made of strong, carbon steel, with a powder-coated matte black finish. The designers have also contrasted the dark colour of the brew stand, with a lighter, sustainably-sourced natural bamboo for both the timber base and the top of the press cylinder.

The Origin Decanter

The Origin Glass Decanter is a minimalist, low-tech coffee brewer designed to unleash the natural aromas and flavours of your coffee.

This stylish decanter includes a filter module, which suits the pour over brewing method.

The Origin Decanter offers a great new feature in the sequence grid seal system on the bottom of the filter module. This customisable seal system allows you to increase or decrease the flow rate, depending on your grind size and desired flavour profile.


– Filter Module Voume:155ml
– Decanter Volume: 500ml (below filter module); 750ml (below spout)
– Material: Borosilicate glass

Weight 6 kg


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